Cersaie 2017 from the point of view of Federica Morgillo

By Federica Morgillo

Cersaie 2017 represented for Ceramiche Brennero the opportunity to communicate to customers an important process of renewal. In particular, four projects represent the enthusiasm about the future: HERITAGE, VENUS, STONEPLUS and I FILATI. At the base of the projects Ceramiche Brennero puts the will to combine two souls, mutually opposing and necessary at the same time, in order to satisfy the range of costumers’ needs: on one hand, those linked to the residential sphere, on the other hand those related to the commercial one. In other words, what has been presented at Cersaie 2017 and that Ceramiche Brennero is planning to place on the market these weeks is represented by complete and articulated projects for both floor and wall tile, characterized by beautiful surfaces and colors thought to interact with the sensory and the emotional sphere of the user.

The latter represents a fundamental prerogative, especially in residential interiors, which has to be able to coexists with technical requirements needed for commercial use: for this reason, in HERITAGE and STONEPLUS a soft and pleasant touch surface lives with a good skid resistance (R10). Moreover, each project of Ceramiche Brennero offers not only a wide range of colors and sophisticated decorations, but also rectified sizes based on modularity among which stand out VENUS  60x120 and STONEPLUS 80x160. Customers can find projects composed by colors and sizes which can fit every type of interior, being able to deal with the world of architecture and to lead to various and different design solutions.
To sum up, Ceramiche Brennero increases its range of products: in addition to indoor wall tiles, which have so far distinguished itself on the market and among loyal customers, the brand starts also to deal with floor tiles for both residential and commercial use, always proving to be scrupulously in line with market needs and never giving up the desire to astonish. All this obviously in the name of Made in Italy.