La Preziosa

gres levigato

LA PREZIOSA, reproduction in a lapped and shiny version of the marvelous AGATA stone. We have been captured by this wonderful mineral that dates back to the origins of mankind. In ancient times, Agate was used as an ornamental stone and for precious jewels, to seal the ancient edicts, and named in the main sacred texts. A stone that belongs to the quartz group, universally considered very valuable; it is wonderful from every single point of view, for its beauty and for the potential benefi ts that are given on body, mind and spirit, positive effects magnifi ed by golden decorations. LA PREZIOSA is the synthesis of this splendor, realized in 60×120 lapped mirrored porcelain stoneware and proposed in three colors: Light, Blu and Dark in the basic version and in the “BROOK” split effect complements. Ideal for both public and private interiors, it is always perfect. The spectacular decorations made with precious materials and gold are the seal of the uniqueness and originality of the project that conquers you with its gleams enhanced by gold.

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Ceramiche Brennero Tipologia prodotto

Porcelain stoneware

Formati Ceramiche Brennero


Colori Ceramiche Brennero

Blu, Light, Dark

Superficie Ceramiche Brennero

Polished porcelain stoneware

Bordo Ceramiche Brennero


Grafica piastrelle

N.12 graphics in 60x120cm