The walls, the preserved plaster remained intact in the time, the magic that they transmit ourselves realizing the knowledge of the artisans that had wisely molded them, the manual gesture that we perceive and appreciate just by touching them. Wonderful surfaces that tell us an experience of actuality and absolute minimalism that we re propose with HABITA.
HABITA collection is presented in 3 basic colors, white, grey and turtle and it is completed by the structure SCORE in the size 33,3×100. This big size is proposed for the first time in double firing mono caliber offering a big aesthetic effect and also a big advantage of fixing it compared to the rectified materials that are always very delicate to handle.

HABITA by Ceramiche Brennero
HABITA LIFE GOLD by Ceramiche Brennero
HABITA by Ceramiche Brennero
HABITA LIFE PLATINO by Ceramiche Brennero
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