Color is Emotion

How beautiful colors are!
Just think about the mountain landscape’s colors, the colors of a far land, the colors of a sunset full of shades, or the thousand colors of the sea.
To live in a black and white world would be like living into a two-dimensional world: it would lack of depth.
Fortunately, we live in a colorful world: every moment of the day we are surrounded by colors, everything we gaze at has a color, its own color. We are so used that a color belongs to a certain thing, that sometimes our brain does not mind. This mental association is unconscious, it occurs without our consciousness, but through a process we memorized which does not create hardly wonder: the grass is green, the apple is red and other thousand examples.
Then, when does color come into play? When does it make us feel emotion, pleasure or repulsion?
When it gets into relation within oneself, with the mere person.
For instance we consider colors when we have to wear them. Just think about the choice of a t-shirt or a dress: we usually wear something that suits right on us, which makes us feel at ease, which conveys us feelings too. Moreover we can also consider how much importance women give to their hair’s color: they like to change their hairstyle, to try different shades on it, or to play with vivid or less vivid colors.
So, in all these cases we consider color, we feel it and we keep it into relation with us, with our personality, with our way of being, as well as the way we want to appear. In all these previous examples we pay attention to color, about how it matches with our body, our complexion, besides how it can relate and reveal the way we feel and what we want to express in that precise moment.
Then, can we assert that color is sensation?
Yes, it is true: color is sensation. The choice of a detail color can make us feel a certain mood. Moreover the combination of two or more colors can provoke different reactions depending on how they are combined within each other.
We can think about another simple example, like the walls of the rooms in public places. So that the library will have soft and light colors in order not to distract the mind of people who have to concentrate, the primary school will be full of brilliant colors to stimulate children’s observation and to create a joyful, playful and cozy surrounding. Then the newer hospitals are increasingly leaving pale and faded tints so as to give space to colors which communicate vitality, dynamism, therefore hope. Or just consider our houses, about how much importance we give to colors and tones used in the decor of different rooms, about the color of the walls, the color of the furniture and the details we place to give that touch of personality and belonging we need to feel and express.
So, is it color also emotion?
Of course, color is also and mostly emotion: when we concentrate on a certain color we can feel the emotion that it communicates.