Ceramiche Brennero
Ceramiche Brennero

Since its founding in 1973, Ceramiche Brennero has been committed to creating high-quality products with cutting-edge design that blend modernity and tradition. As a company, we strive to represent a benchmark in the “Made in Italy” market by highlighting the unique Italian blend of creativity, art, craftsmanship, and taste that has characterized our country’s development over millennia.

At Ceramiche Brennero, our team, led by Ms. Anna Ruggi, is composed of young, dynamic, motivated individuals who collaborate and work in teams to stay ahead of the curve, both in terms of product development and moral and social values. We reject stereotypes and prejudices, preferring to chart our own course in the world of design.

Each new collection we create embodies characteristics that are typically associated with the female world – creativity, imagination, energy, determination, sensitivity, courage, and a desire to surprise – and features bold colors that set us apart from competitors who may be chasing the trend of homogenization or excessive minimalism. We believe that our products reflect the best of Italian design and capture the essence of the “Made in Italy” brand.

Our company is based in the heart of the Po Valley, under the influence of the city of Mantua, a center of art and culture that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital of Italian Culture in 2016. For us, the town of Gonzaga represents an important source of motivation, challenges, and ongoing learning, in part thanks to the presence of the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

Ceramiche Brennero is rooted in this area, and we take pride in our connection to the ancient tradition of ceramic art that dates back to the Middle Ages. We like to think that our company’s origins trace back to over five hundred years ago, when the first ceramic production began at the court of the Gonzaga family, the refined and cultured lords of Mantua. Famous ceramicists began to work at their court, and specific associations called “universities” were established to study and develop new production methods.

Our factory is situated near the ancient Brenner Pass road, originally used by the Romans to reach the Danube region, which is now a highway just a few dozen meters from our doorstep. This proximity to the road reflects our company’s natural inclination towards exporting Italian-made products around the world. Every day, we are reminded of where we came from and where we are headed, as we strive to maintain our position as a leading player in the “Made in Italy” market.

At Ceramiche Brennero, our commitment to innovation in the name of the “Made in Italy” brand is unwavering. We believe that our products embody the best of Italian design, and our team is committed to creating unique, high-quality items that reflect our company’s values and our country’s rich artistic and cultural heritage.

Ceramiche Brennero

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